Yarmolinsky: April 15th Blues

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  1. Dream Mix
    April 15th Blues
    Filling In The Form
    Under The Table Tango
    None Of Their Goddam Business
    A Tax Accountant Isn't So Romantic
    Anything But That
    Deduct! Deduct! Deduct!
    Schedule C Shuffle
    At The Post Office At Midnight
    Under Penalties Of Perjury
    Everyone Must Pay

    by Randall Scalata and various artists


Album description

Musical comedy about the April 15th blues tax time turmoil. Performed by Yarmolinsky, Valby and Randall Scarlata.

Album Reviews

"As musicals go, few are as seasonal as April 15th Blues, a light one-act devoted to (what else?) the turmoil of tax time. It was written and composed by Ben Yarmolinsky, the mastermind behind The Bill of Rights: A Secular Oratorio, Amendments, A Constitutional Cantata, and Anita (based on the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings). Though the first numbers are predictable enough, the music picks up with "Under the Table Tango," in which Elaine Valby (as Jane Q. Public) sings an aria of itemization. Later, on "A Tax Accountant Isn't So Romantic," Jane reflects on what she'll do without her accountant ex-boyfriend (it is tax time, after all). Randall Scarlata plays Jeremy--the ex--as well as the robotic voice of the 1040 Tax Form. The perfect gift for that special CPA in your life, April 15th Blues is light, yet delightful, comedy fare." --Jason Verlinde,