Living in the Body, Songs by Lori Laitman


  1. Todesfuge (Disc 1 Trk#19)

    by Lori Laitman, Randall Scarlata & Thomas Krines

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  2. I am in Need of Music (Disc 2 Trk#1)

    by Lori Laitman - Sari Gruber, Randall Scarlata & Andrew Rosenblum

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  3. On a Photograph (Disc 2 Trk# 13)

    by Lori Laitman - Margaret Gawrysiak, Randall Scarlata & Lori Laitman

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Album description

Includes The Blood Jet, Sable Pride, Living in the Body, Five Lovers, On the Green Trail, River of Horses, The Soul Fox and Short Songs for Edward. Artists include: Jennifer Check; Ashley Emerson; Sari Gruber; Alisa Jordheim; Maureen McKay, Soprano; Margaret Gawrysiak, Mezzo-soprano; Darryl Taylor, Countertenor; Dominic Armstrong; Vale Rideout, Tenor; Randall Scarlata, Baritone; Thomas Kraines, Cello; Gary Louie, Alto saxophone; Emily Skala, Flute; Warren Jones; Lori Laitman; Andrew Rosenblum; Kirsten Taylor, Piano

Album Reviews

Lori Laitman is one of America's leading vocal composers. These 49 songs were composed between 1997 and 2017 to texts by celebrated poets including Elizabeth Bishop Paul Celan, Dana Gioia, David Mason, Sylvia Plath, and Joyce Sutphen, on topics that range from the profound emotional impact of the Holocaust, to humorous truths of everyday life, and the comedy and tenderness of childhood. The recording also includes two instrumental pieces for saxophone and piano. This stunning program of world premiere recordings is performed by an all-star cast that includes the composer herself. by World Premiere Recordings ->